Content planning & production workflow

Has never been simpler! Say goodbye to spreadsheets, endless email threads, jumping between various applications or folders and logging into a thousand accounts per day. Your content marketing team can now collaborate, plan and produce content in time!

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Drafts bucket

Your proposed content and keyword research ideas live here. Once you schedule them they go into the production pipeline.

Editorial calendar

Shift through various view sets to see how your editorial calendar looks like. See what you need to produce today, for the week, month, or year.

Produce and publish

Produce and publish your content as your editorial calendar automatically updates. Publish directly to WordPress and Medium without shifting through applications.

A simpler content production process...

According to statistics, 60% of content marketers find it hard to produce content consistently. 32% find their planning to be the issue. Does this sound like you or your team? Here is how Contio can help:

Brainstorm content ideas

Come up with content ideas in your drafts bucket. Working in a team? Any member of your team can propose a content idea too.

Collaborate on production

Produce all your content in the dashboard following up on various stages of production between writing and editing. Allow collaboration of your team to spur your content production.

Publish when you are done

When your article is ready, push to publish on your Wordpress or Medium blog or schedule to publish at a later date. No more shifting through various platforms and apps to publish content.

“Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.” ~ Seth Godin

This platform has helped our content marketing team get a hold of our content planning and production process. Everything happens here. We have gotten rid of word applications, continuous emails, and the struggle involved in keeping our content marketing team on focus. The WordPress and Medium integration makes it a top tool for us since we don't have to shift through various applications to publish content.



As a magazine that writes and publishes a lot of content, we needed something where all our editorial team can collaborate with the understanding of everything that is in the calendar. Contio did it for us. Now everyone in our team knows the stage of every piece of content we are working on, and where they need to be involved to push everything through and on time.



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Yes, you can create your editorial calendar easily by adding and scheduling all the your content ideas.
Of course. We want you to be sure that Contio is the best planner and production workflow tool that your company needs before paying for it. However, it is free for freelance writers, bloggers, and 1-2 user teams.
Yes. You can publish your articles directly to your WordPress and Medium blogs.

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