Never miss a deadline again

We have helped you simplify the planning and production workflow of your content. We want you and your team to unlock unrivaled status when it comes to content creation and marketing. Other people will call it genius, but the best content marketers know it involves planning and practice. Using the following features on Contio, you can now collaborate and truly become the content gurus you have always wanted to be.

Drafts bucket

In the drafts bucket you can store all your content ideas as cards, like sticky notes. Any member of your team can add more ideas here. Once your ideas are approved, scheduled, and assigned to a member of your team they are added to your content calendar.

Editorial calendar

Whether you are a freelance writer, blogger, a digital agency or media company, you can create your editorial calendar and view it in several view sets. You can see everything that is in the pipeline for today, this week, the next month, quarter, or the full year. The calendar updates automatically as new projects are added into the timelines enabling you and your team to always stay on track.

Production workflow

As your content team writes, edits, and schedules for publishing you are able to follow the production process along your set workflow. The production dashboard allows you to see the stage of every project at a glance. You can set your preferred workflow too. If you want the editor to check every article after the writer is done with it before it is approved for publishing you can set that easily in the production dashboard.

Recurring checklist

Do you have a checklist that must be met for every piece of content you produce? Easily set the checklist and allow your editors to mark as each part of the checklist is completed in the production dashboard. Set the checklist once and all your content will go through that checklist henceforth.

Schedule it

You can set the "due date" as the date when the content needs to move from the writer to the editor and the "publish date" as the date when the content needs to go live.

Word Count

Our editor provides your team with the ability to track the word count because we know how important that can be for you, your clients and your time.

Tracking status of projects

With the recurring checklist feature and the production workflow, you and the team can check the status of each content along with the person in the team that is responsible for that particular stage. The default stages are tracked as: in progress, ready to edit, edited, approved, scheduled and published.

Asset storage

Content marketers are very resourceful. We know that - that is why we have provided a section alongside the editing tool where you can store all the links to the assets you intend to use or are using to create content. We want to save you lots of time. When you get an important page on the web with something you may need, just paste the link here. You can make a small note so that you don't forget or have to search in the web all over again.

Target keywords

Are you focusing your content on a particular keyword? You can add the target keyword associated with the content and track the keyword density as you write or edit.

Lock content

When someone is writing or editing content, the article is automatically locked to avoid interruptions from any other member of the team and ensure streamlined collaboration.

Revisions & comments panel

Managers and editors can leave comments on the work to recommend changes, additions or revisions to a content piece.

Integration with WordPress and Medium

You can publish directly to all the WordPress or Medium blogs you manage without having to jump from one application to another.

User Roles

Easily assign user roles from writer and designer to editor and manager. You can also quickly assign a task to each member of your team.

Analytics & Data

(We are still working on this feature) You can see you and your team's efficiency in content production using our analytics dashboard. The data in this section is crucial towards understanding the production level, how many times you beat a deadline, how many times you were late, how many times the deadline was extended, the stumbling blocks along your workflow and what you need to do in places where you were deficient. Your team can also follow their growth with details of how often they beat or missed a deadline, and in what areas they need to improve.

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